Trapeze Table

28th Sep and 5th OCTOBER 2024

In this course we will take you through repertoire for the Trapeze Table. The course is looking at traditional and contemporary interpretations of the repertoire. We have broken this course into families of exercises and set ups, so that students can work through the progression of the repertoire from an introductory level through to more complex movements.

The course is designed to take teachers through the related repertoire of the Trapeze Table to understand the relationship and patterns within the exercises. The work is designed to better allow teachers to modify and adjust the repertoire for clients at different levels and capacities.

For each Trapeze online Course, we go through two families of exercises:

Trapeze 1: Lower Limbs and Hip Disassociation & Upper Limbs

Trapeze 2: Abdominals & Spinal Articulation

This course has clear guidelines for each exercise showing the focus and purpose, teaching tips, modifications and contraindications. We also explain how the repertoire relates to other equipment in the Pilates method. The material connects the Trapeze Table work to the Mat and other Pilates apparatus.

Course Dates 

Please note all pre learning online must be completed before you can attend the Face to Face.

Face to face dates and break down for all courses  below 
Certification (BOECERTMR)

Block Five
1st intake -Sep 28th and 5th Oct
2nd intake-18th & 19th Jan 2025

Trapeze Table

Who is this course for

This is a course for anyone wanting to extend their teachings on the Trapeze Table. It can also provide a great refresher for seasoned Pilates teachers wanting to fine tune their teaching techniques and cuing for this great piece of Pilates equipment.

What you get

When purchasing the Trapeze Table 1 and or Trapeze Table 2, or both as a bundle, you will receive 12 month access to all online course material. You will also receive a series of exercise programs covering different levels and these can be used in the studio with clients straight away. This includes the online video lessons, covering theory and exercise strategies, as well as an online manual. You will also be able to purchase a colour printed copy of the manual at a 10% discount. To finish the course you will need to complete the Face to Face learning in conjunction with the online learning.