About Us


Welcome to Pure Pilates Noosa. Our studio is renowned for its attention to detail, it’s high level of service and care, particularly with those people that are experiencing difficulties with injuries, or long-standing issues. With Highly trained and experienced instructors, we pride ourselves on taking an individual approach and looking after  clients needs as opposed to a one size fits all approach.

With only 3 to 4 people in a class, we can better help you achieve your needs and goals whatever they may be without you feeling overwhelmed in an overcrowded class of 12 to 15 people all doing the same thing.

We really enjoy watching people learn about their own bodies and try to encourage people to help themselves by educating them more fully on their own body types helping them with any specific issues they are dealing with.

That being said, we  are also big Pilates enthusiasts ourselves and for those of us with healthy bodies just wanting a great Pilates workout we’ve got you covered too.  In most cases, we’ve been able to take Pilates clients out of the beginners level into intermediate and advanced level simply because they have been given the time and specific attention  to learn the technicalities of an exercise and most importantly how to do it well.

Our on-site Osteopath ( Pure Osteopathy Noosa) works closely with us and is an integral part of her rehabilitation classes and functional movement retraining classes.

Damian is a very experienced Osteopath from Melbourne and also provides other services such a shockwave therapy and real-time ultrasound.

Last but not least, Pure Pilates has been running now for 15 years and has created many amazing groups of friendships along the way.  We have return clients that come every year from all around the world and all over Australia that  keep coming back because of our attention to detail and level of service.

We would love you to be a part of our Pilates  community!

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