Studio / Equipment Classes

Studio / Equipment Classes

We recommend to start off with an Initial Assessment.  Here we can we can talk about any health concerns, address your goals and get a good idea about  your current level of fitness.   Using the results of your assessment  we  then create an indivdualised program.  For someone that has never had any pilates experience before we highly recommend  a  Private Studio Session at this time. This is   so we can introduce you to what we call the “Pilates Basics” which involves teaching you how to engage your core muscles correctly, basic postural education and a small intro to some of the exercises on the studio equipment.

Following on from the introductory Private Session some people progress to a small group class  ( three people) or decide that another private lesson is more appropriate. ( Please refer to prices and packages tab for our introductory packages).  In these sessions you will continue to progress at your own speed and with your own specific program. Depending on the level of attention you wish to have in your session you can opt to continue with Private or Duet sessions at any stage, simply let your instructor know.

The Breakdown of our sessions…

  • Initial Assessment :

    (60mins) All of our clients, regardless of injury or fitness level, begin their Studio Pilates experience with an Initial Assessment so that the ideal tailored program can be developed to meet their needs. During the Assessment session we conduct the following : Postural screening, Balance Testing, Flexibility Testing, Core Endurance and some Muscle Strength Testing. Based on the results of the tests, your medical/injury history and in consultation with you we develop the program goals from which we can then develop in individualised program to achieve your goals.

  • Small Group Studio Session :

    (60 mins) At Pure Pilates, our classes are made up of only 3 people per class to allow for greater attention to detail. Most people move into this class after their assessment and private lesson. This class encompasses small props and studio equipment such as the reformer, with the aim to eventually progress to a wider range of repertoire as you begin to better understand the technique, iron out any issues and grow more confident.

  • Rehab / Clinical Pilates Classes :

    (Healthcare rebatable , DVA welcome). A gap payment may be required to cover the cost of this class) At Pure Pilates, all rehabilitation classes are conducted with a qualified Osteopath or Physiotherapist. These are classes of 3 people and everybody is working individually on their particular issue. A great class if you need to slow things down and gain a deeper understanding of your injury and or ongoing issues, particularly when it comes to deep muscle activation and muscle repatterning We take a more wholistic look at where your pain might be originating from and why so we can address the cause and not just the symptoms. Coupled with exercises on various pieces of Pilates equipment that specifically target your imbalances this is a great class to assist people struggling with pain or injury .Please note, before going into one of these classes you must be assessed by the Osteopath. You can do this by booking online or giving us a call. More Info

  • Private Studio Session :

    (60 mins)Private sessions allow a very high level of personal attention and guidance from your instructor. In most cases the first lesson after the assessment will be a private lesson, where we cover correct core activation, basic postural and pilates principles and some exercises on various pilates equipment from your program . It is here where most people decide whether or not they feel ready to move to the group sessions or whether they would like to continue with private lessons.

  • Duet Studio Session :

    (60 mins) A highly supervised class with 2 people only. This is a great choice for couples/friends who want to learn pilates together or for those who want to work under high level guidance and share the cost of a session.

  • Holiday Makers Package :

    This package is for people visiting Noosa who just want to continue their current pilates sessions while holidaying away from home. . Please refer to our prices and packages tab on our home page for more details. (Please note that people with little or no pilates experience or certain conditions will be required to do a small assessment). More Info

  • Mat Class :

    Group mat classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries, who like the social aspect of a class environment and who can generally commit to a scheduled time each week Mat Classes are the floor work version of the Pilates method. More Info