Rehabilitation & Functional Movement

Rehabilitation Pilates (Health rebates apply)

The Pilates method in itself is rehabilitative and therapeutic, however some clients through injury and pain require a more modified and gentle approach. Pilates rehabilitation programs can help you get back to doing the things you want to do, whether that be sports, running, gardening, riding or just putting on your shoes without pain. For those pilates students who just feel their not getting some of the basics in a normal class, this is a great class to slow things down and gain a deeper understanding, particularly when it comes to deep muscle activation and muscle repatterning.

At Pure Pilates all rehabilatation classes are conducted with our qualified Osteopath or with an experienced pilates instructor who works in close consulatation with the osteopath. We can assist in achieving a better pain free posture not just in the pilates studio but at work and home. Our philosophy is to educate our clients to better understand their condition or injury so they can make better postural choices in their everyday life.

In the pilates studio we perform specifically targeted exercises on various pieces of pilates equipment to help . As rehabilatation is a process, we work in stages and progressions teaching you how to activate your postural muscles, address any imbalances caused by poor muscle activation patterns.

1. Postural Awareness

Our Posture is a result of a number of factors effecting us throughout our life. Occupation, previous injuries , genetic predisposition and emotional wellbeing can all contribute to developing bad postural habits . Poor alignment can have a significant effect on your spine, putting excessive loads on your supporting structures (discs, ligaments, muscles, ) which lead to repetitive micro trauma and eventually to chronic injury and pain. At Pure Pilates our aim is to address all predisposing factors and educate you on the basics of how to sit, stand, get out of bed,work ergonomics etc while minimising the strain on your body.

2. Self Management techniques

Nobody likes to be in pain! We are but a mere shadow of ourselves under the duress of pain. Helping you to help yourself through self management techniques to relieve your pain gives you back a sense of control and confidence . Our instructors will teach you safe and gentle muscle release techniques, through specific stretching and trigger point release to keep you moving while we are not around. We will also help you manage your pain in the interim by giving you self management techniques emcompassing trigger point release, stretching and breathing techniques that are gentle and safe.

3. Improving motor activation patterns and core strengthening

Evidence has shown that increased performance is primarily a result of improved neuromuscular  skill. One thing that is very common with spinal injuries, is poor muscle activation patterns. When you are in pain, your muscles don’t switch on in the right sequence, or in the right proportion, so you may have some muscles over-active, and others not active enough. This can lead to chronic compensatory patterns and further increase the strain on your spine and whole system. Retraining these imabalances will help to break these habits of a life time and restore the body’s natural movement.

If you need to be assessed by the Osteopath and want to discuss any issues prior to booking, please fill out the form below and we will ring you usually within 24 hrs.  Otherwise, you can book at the studio by clicking here and following the prompts.