Circuit Pilates

Circuit Pilates

This fun and energetic class is putting a little bit of cardio back in pilates! With the music pumping a little louder, it will be sure to keep your heart rate up and get you in the fat-burning zone. You can take the workout at your own pace so it is suitable for most people.

The NEW Studio Circuit Pilates class incorporates several pieces of Pilates equipment and other props into a non stop 60 minute workout. You will begin with a mat warm up and then alternate between exercises on the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze table, Stability Chair, pilates barrels, cardio stations, abdominal stations and much more. The first lesson will be your technique lesson and we will go over each exercise individually slowly figuring out any modifications or progressions required. We will repeat the same circuit for 5 weeks, perfecting our pilates moves, each week increasing the intensity before moving on to a new circuit.

These classes are $250 for a 10 pack and $30 casually.

Please note that if you have never done pilates before or have any serious issues please contact the studio and speak to any of us there and we will let you know whether or not we think it will be suitable for you. All new clients to the studio must do an assessment.

Class 1 : Monday 2nd March 7am (Sarah Egglestone)  ( Starts March the 2nd)
Class 2 : Tuesday 5pm 3rd March (Kurt Higgins)
Class 3 : Thursday 10am 5th March (Susie Harrison)

As these classes are new, you will currently not be able to purchase these online. Please direct all enquiries to  or give us a call on 5455 3311 regarding your interest in any of the above times..
We look forward to hearing from you!